Cutter & Buck

Cutter & Buck Automates Fulfillment Center in Washington With AutoStore

Kardex Holding AG

The AutoStore storage solution will enable Cutter & Buck to achieve outstanding customer service levels and quality goals, while increasing storage capacity within their existing facility.

Montgomery, OH, September 23, 2022 – As a leading apparel manufacturer and distributor, Cutter & Buck is known for high quality clothing crafted for active lifestyles, engineered for exceptional versatility. Originally founded on Seattle’s working waterfront, Cutter & Buck clothing is perfect for work, travel, date night, golf, walking, boating, hiking, entertaining, and showing fan support for a favorite MLB, NFL, or NCAA College or University Team. Increased sales through its own website, other e-commerce retailers, point of sale locations at golf courses, resort destinations, licensed product Fan Shops, and corporate apparel has led to consistent company growth and increased inventory levels within its fulfillment operation.

To accommodate this growth, Cutter & Buck will implement an AutoStore system from Kardex in their Renton, WA location to support their apparel picking and fulfillment operation. Cutter & Buck selected AutoStore, an automated cube storage technology solution, empowered by Kardex for the speed and density of the solution. The Kardex Control Center software (WCS) will drive the AutoStore goods to person fulfillment solution.    

AutoStore is a fully automated and intelligent goods-to-person storage and retrieval system offering industry leading product storage density. Bins are stacked vertically in a grid and retrieved by intelligent, battery-powered vehicles that travel on top of the grid system, sorting, carrying and delivering bins to the respective workstations (ports), where a variety of warehouse operations can be performed (picking, replenishment, inventory control, etc.) by warehouse personnel. The flexible, tailor-made system fits even the most unusually shaped facilities, allowing the grid to be placed around columns, on mezzanines and on multiple levels. The bins are stacked neatly on top of each other in a condensed grid-style system, increasing storage capacity up to four times and performance up to 10 times that of traditional storage methods. AutoStore can easily adapt to changing order fulfillment requirements through a flexible configuration of the robots, ports and quantity of bin locations.  

The flexible, tailor-made system fits even the most unusually shaped facilities, allowing the grid to be placed around columns, on mezzanines and on multiple levels.

About Cutter & Buck

Founded on Seattle’s working waterfront, the words “Cutter” and the “Buck” were chosen to symbolize the Pacific Nothwest region, where the sea, represented by a Cutter, and the mountains, represented by a Buck, meet and live-in harmony.

Their iconic clothing is perfect for work, work from home, travel, date night, golf, walking, boating, hiking, entertaining, and for showing team pride and fan support for your favorite MLB, NFL, or NCAA College or University Team. Their clothing is thoughtfully engineered with performance features like moisture wicking, stretch, UPF for sun protection, and with easy care and time saving features such as durable collars, added spandex, and blended fabrics that are comfortable and stylish. Cutter & Buck is committed to sustainable products, sustainable operations, and sustainable production. When you choose Cutter & Buck clothing, you are getting the genuine spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

At Cutter & Buck, they make iconic clothing, engineered for exceptional versatility, designed to be your favorites. Your new favorites can be found online at cutterbuck.com and through e-commerce retailers. Is real life more your thing? They are delighted to be offered by great golf courses and resort destinations around the world, as well as in licensed product Fan Shops for the NFL, MLB, and for the NCAA. Looking to promote your brand on our iconic styles? Their versatile favorites are readily available through the best Advertising Specialty Distributors in your area, and can be previewed on their B2B website CBCorporate.com.  

Cutter & Buck is a proud subsidiary of New Wave Group, AB. Their sister brands in North America include Ahead USA, Au Clair Gloves, Craft Sportswear, Kosta Boda Art Glass, and Orrefors Crystal.


Kardex社は、自動入出庫およびマテリアルハンドリングシステムを提供するイントラロジスティックスソリューションのリーディングカンパニーです。Kardex RemstarとKardex Mlogという2つの起業家的経営部門で構成されています。Kardex社の使命は、商品や材料の保管と取り扱いの効率性を高めるソリューションとサービスを世界規模で提供することです。

この2つの部門は、顧客の製品やソリューションのライフサイクル全体にわたってパートナーとしての役割を果たします。プロジェクトの分析から実現、そしてサービスまで、Kardex社は、あらゆる段階で顧客のパフォーマンス向上を支援します。Kardex社は、自社の生産工場をドイツに3つ、北米に1つ有しており、品質の高いソリューションを提供しています。Kardex社は、技術革新と優れた顧客ロイヤルティにおける自社の競争優位性を維持および強化するため、研究開発、サプライチェーン、サービス組織の拡大、さらには買収による新テクノロジーの獲得に投資しています。Kardex社は、AutoStore、Rocket Solution社、Robomotive社、Intertex社、Sumobox社など、Kardex社と同じ価値観を共有し、Kardex社のソリューションを補完するグローバルリーダーと積極的に提携しています。

Kardex employs 2,000 team members across 30 countries and has installed over 140,000 industry-specific solutions worldwide.

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